Xingchi Shen


I am a Postdoctoral Associate in Energy Economics at the Yale School of the Environment.

I specialize in energy and environmental economics and policy. My research interests include the economics of electrification and energy efficiency, electricity economics, energy consumption behaviors, and social equity. I obtained my Ph.D. degree in public policy (with a focus on energy economics) from the School of Public Policy University of Maryland.

My previous and ongoing research examines the social equity, economic incentives, and consequences of energy technology adoption (e.g., heat pump, solar photovoltaics, electric vehicle, home battery) in the buildings and transportation sectors, which provides decision support for decarbonization policies. 

My studies have been published in Nature Energy, Nature Communications, Environmental and Resource Economics, Resource and Energy Economics, and other academic journals. 

Contact Information

Email:     Twitter: @Xingchi_Shen